Monitoring Sites - Coleambally Irrigation Area (rice)

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A flux tower was located over rice on ~ 100 ha of private farming land in the Coleambally Irrigation Area (CIA) in south eastern New South Wales. Established in November 2010, this site was operational until the rice crop was harvested in May 2011.

The flux tower was managed by research staff and students within the School of Environmental Sciences external link at Charles Sturt University external link with support from Coleambally Irrigation Co-operative Limited external link (CICL).

Financial support for the CIA Rice flux tower was provided via the Coleambally Water Smart Australia project, commissioned by the National Water Commission of Australia.


Camilla Vote
Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation
Charles Sturt University
Locked Bag 588
Boorooma St., Wagga Wagga, NSW

Modified: 7/10/21