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OzFlux data processing workshop

25th-29th October 2021.
Online and free

The workshop provides guidance and information to PIs and others about flux data collection and processing, including the basics of flux measurements, the importance of gas profiles, flux footprints, and use of PyFluxPro.

RegisterExternal link for the workshop.

For more information about the workshop, please contact:


OzFlux 2021

The ecosystem processes workshop and conference in Australia and New Zealand

1st-2nd November 2021.
Online and free

The conference will showcase research investigating ecosystem processes in agricultural and natural ecosystems in Australia and New Zealand. It offers a forum for microclimatologists, ecosystem modellers, ecologists, ecophysiologists and social scientists from across the region to share their latest research. OzFlux is an ecosystem research network that provides the global ecosystem research community with standardised observations of energy, carbon and water exchange between the atmosphere and key terrestrial ecosystems. This knowledge is critical to inform decision making and risk assessment relating to land use and climate change impacts on ecosystems. OzFlux 2021 features a wide range of themes from the latest developments in instrumentation and software to spatial scaling and modelling, greenhouse gas emissions, drivers of carbon sequestration and food security.

Conference themes:

  • Ecosystem processes and functioning (flux studies, long-term ecosystem dynamics, studies that combine multiple approaches to understand or describe ecosystem function or ecology)
  • Soil processes and non-CO2 greenhouse gases (soil science, studies in agriculture, CH4 and N2O flux studies)
  • Modelling and ecosystem predictions (modelling studies)
  • Remote, terrestrial and novel sensing (studies using remote sensing, terrestrial sensors or novel sensors)
  • Data processing or technical advances (studies that describe novel methods or technologies for data processing)
  • Open forum (other studies)

Keynote speakers:

Format of conference: Zoom webinar
Registration cost: free

Register for the OzFluz 2021 conference External link.

Preliminary schedule [docx, 22KB], subject to change.

Conference organising committee:

Stefan Arndt – The University of Melbourne
Alison Bennett – The University of Melbourne
Jason Beringer – University of Western Australia
Jamie Cleverly – James Cook University
Cacilia Ewenz - TERN
Nina Hinko-Najera – The University of Melbourne
Peter Isaac – TERN
Ian McHugh – The University of Melbourne
Caitlin Moore – University of Western Australia

See also: OzFlux 2021 Conference page External link on the TERN website.


AsiaFlux 2022

AsiaFlux 2020 has been postponed due to COVID-19 and is now being held in:
September 2022
Sarawak Tropical Peat Research Institute, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

The Nexus of Land Use Change, Ecosystem and Climate: A Path Towards SDGs.

For more information see the AsiaFlux 2022 conference websiteExternal link.


iLEAPS–OzFlux Joint Conference 2021 now in 2022

8th–12th February 2022
AUT, Auckland NZ
(iLEAPS Early career day 6th February 2022)
(excursions 12th-13th February 2022. Waitangi Day is the observed on the 7th, but may be used an excursion day)

This will be the sixth open conference of the Integrated Land Ecosystem–Atmosphere Processes Study (iLEAPS) and the 15th annual meeting for the Australian and New Zealand Flux Research and Monitoring (OzFlux) network.

For more information see the iLEAPS-OzFlux Joint conference 2021 websiteExternal link.

Previous Webinars:


Dr Peter Isaac and Prof. Elise Pendall

Estimating ecosystem respiration from flux tower and chamber data:
insights from Cumberland Plain External link

18th August 2021, 14:00 - 15:00 AEST

This talk uses the experiences at the Cumberland Plain Woodland SuperSite to explore methods of improving the quality of TERN OzFlux data and indicators of data quality. It also provides insight into the uncertainty inherent in data partitioning techniques. Reducing this uncertainty has contributed to a better understanding of the sensitivity of Australian ecosystems to climate warming.


Dr Jamie Cleverly

The ecological processes that shape Australia's ecosystems External link

4th May 2021, 12:00 - 13:00 AEST

In this OzFlux webinar, Jamie will discuss the inference of the ecological patterns and processes which shape Australian ecosystems. The webinar will showcase how measurements of fluxes, vegetation structure and ecological processes are being used to understand how and why ecosystem change occurs over minutes, days, seasons and years.


Dr Caitlin Moore

Bioenergy crop fluxes and an a-maize-ing conundrum External link

4th March 2021, 13:00 AEDT

As we enter an age of biofuel innovation, research efforts have focused on how bioenergy crops alter the carbon, water and energy cycles of the landscape.

With the growing push for more sustainable and clean energy sources, alternatives to the main bioenergy crops, such as corn and soybean, are likely to become more widespread in the future.

Dr Caitlin Moore of the University of Western Australia will present findings from her research, including data from long-term monitoring equipment installed in bioenergy and food crops, the impacts of land conversion on carbon and nitrogen cycles, and an a-maize-ing flux conundrum.

Presentations from previous OzFlux Events held in:


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July 2020 - Online. 20th year celebration
  • Thursday
  • Open and Welcome: Morris [mp4, 232MB]
  • Opening plenary: Baldocchi [mp4, 363MB], questions [mp4, 142MB]
  • 20th anniversary comments: Beringer [mp4, 71MB]
  • 20th anniversary comments: Campbell [mp4, 115MB]
  • 20th anniversary comments: Prober [mp4, 133MB]
  • 20th anniversary celebration video: Moore [vimeo]
  • 20th anniversary comments: Cleugh [mp4, 148MB],
    slides [pptm, 37MB]
  • 20th anniversary comments: Griebel [mp4, 162MB]
  • Theme 1: Contributions to and future Integration of remote sensing
  • Theme 2: Contributions to and future Integration of modelling
  • Theme 3: Contributions to and future Integration of Trace gases/agriculture
July 2019 - Brisbane, QLD
Coming Soon
August 2018 - Darwin, NT. Combined OzFlux/Asia Flux meeting
Coming Soon
November 2017 - Sydney, NSW
July 2016 - Calperum Station, SA
November 2015 - Hobart, TAS
September 2014 - Alice Springs, NT
July 2013 - Cairns, QLD
July 2012 - methven, nz
June 2012 - OCE Cutting Edge Symposium: Carbon-Water


June 2011 - perth, wa
February 2010
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