Monitoring Sites - Wallaby Creek

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The Wallaby Creek flux station was established in August 2005 and was destroyed in February 2009 by bushfires. Before the bushfire, the main mast stood at 110m. In March 2010, a replacement tower was established. It was monitoring from May 2010 and sat at a height of 5m. The station was located within the Wallaby Creek water catchment, 45km north-east of Melbourne in Victoria.

The flux tower was managed by Monash University external link staff as part of an ARC funded sustainable futures project, number DP0451247. The Wallaby Creek flux station was part of the Australia Flux Tower network (OzFlux) and the international FLUXNET external link. This site was supported by the Australian Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network TERN external link.

The Wallaby Creek flux station was in collaboration with Charles Darwin University external link and University of Alaska Fairbanks external link.


Prof. Jason Beringer
School of Earth and Environment
The University of Western Australia (M004)
35 Stirling Highway
Crawley, Western Australia
Australia, 6009

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