Monitoring Sites - Great Western Woodlands

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The Great Western Woodlands flux station and supersite has been active since December 2012. It is located on Credo Station, 110km NNW of Kalgoorlie, WA, and is managed by CSIRO Environment external link (Floreat).

The Great Western Woodlands flux station is supported by TERN external link and the WA Department of Environment and Conservation.


Craig Macfarlane and Suzanne Prober
CSIRO Environment
Private Bag No. 5
Wembley WA 6913


Prober SM, Wiehl G, Gosper C, Schultz L, Langley H, Macfarlane C (2023) The Great Western Woodlands TERN SuperSite: ecosystem monitoring infrastructure and key science learnings external link, Journal of Ecology and Environment 47, 27, doi: 10.5141/jee.23.072

Modified: 9/01/24