Monitoring Sites - Great Western Woodlands

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Site Description

The Great Western Woodlands (GWW) comprise a 16 million hectare mosaic of temperate woodland, shrubland and mallee vegetation in south-west WA. The region is extraordinary in that it has remained relatively intact since European settlement, owing to the variable rainfall and lack of readily accessible groundwater.

The woodland component is globally unique in that nowhere else do woodlands occur at as little as 220mm mean annual rainfall. Further, other temperate woodlands around the world have typically become highly fragmented and degraded through agricultural use.

The flux site is located in Salmon gum (Eucalyptus salmonophloia) woodland in the northern part of the Great Western Woodlands (GPS coordinates: -30.1913, 120.6541), at mean annual rainfall of c. 240mm.

Modified: 7/10/21