Monitoring Sites - Great Western Woodlands

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Measurements being made at Great Western Woodlands.

Instrument Type Make Model Location
Open path CO2, H2O Li-Cor Li-7500 Main mast, 35m
Sonic anemometer Campbell Scientific CSAT-3 Main mast, 35m
Net Radiometer Kipp and Zonen CNR1 Main mast, 35m
Relative humidity and temperature Vaisala HMP50 Main mast, 35m
Rainfall Hydrological services CS7000 Main mast, 15m
Wind speed and direction Windsonic 4-L Main mast, 35m
Soil Heat Flux (2 replicates) Middleton CN3 TBA
Soil temperature Campbell Scientific TCAV Ground
Soil moisture Campbell Scientific CS-616 5cm (2)
10cm (2)
20cm (2)
30cm (2)
surface-30cm (2)
50cm (2)
70cm (2)
110-140cm (2)
Modified: 7/10/21