Monitoring Sites - Alpine Peatland

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Site Description

The Alpine Peatland flux station is located on the Bogong High Plains near Falls Creek in the Victorian Alpine National Parks.

The vegetation community is Alpine Sphagnum peatland, also known as Closed Heath, composed of Sphagnum moss (Sphagnum cristatum) in association with candle heath (Richea continentis), alpine baeckea (Baeckea gunniana) and rope rush (Empodisma minus). The underlying soil is peat.

Elevation of the site is 1670m and mean annual precipitation is 1274mm. Mean annual average minimum and maximum temperatures are 2.6°C and 9.4°C and the area is snow covered for an average of 3 months per year.

The Victorian Alpine National Park is managed for conservation, tourism and as a water catchment for hydroelectricity production. Historic disturbance includes grazing, fire and infrastructure development.

Modified: 7/10/21