Monitoring Sites - Arcturus

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Site Description

The Arcturus flux station was located 48km southeast of Emerald, Queensland (GPS coordinates: -23.8587, 148.4746)

The land use in the surrounding area was largely cropping (predominantly chickpeas or wheat) and grazed pasture (cattle). Elevation of the site was approximately 170m asl and mean annual precipitation was 572mm.

The tower was 5.6m tall with the instrument mast extending a further 1.1m above, totalling a height of 6.7m. Fluxes of water vapour, carbon dioxide and methane were measured using the open-path eddy flux technique. Supplementary measurements included temperature, humidity, windspeed, wind direction, rainfall, incoming and reflected shortwave and longwave radiation and net radiation. Soil moisture content and soil heat fluxes and temperature were also measured.

Modified: 7/10/21