Monitoring Sites - Cow Bay

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Measurements are being made at the Daintree Discovery Centre, Cow Bay, Far North Queensland, Australia. Canopy height is 25m.

Instrument Type Make Model Situation
IRGA Open path
- density CO2, H2O
- atmospheric pressure
LI-COR LI-7500A 35m
3D sonic anemometer
- wind velocities (u,v,w)
- sonic temperature
Campbell CSAT-3 35m
Air temperature, Humidity
- T, Rh
Vaisalla HC2S3 35m
PAR Radiation
LI-COR LI-190SB 35m
4 Component Radiation
- SW-d, LW-d, LW-u, SW-u,
Hukseflux NR01 35m
Net Radiation
- Rn
Kipp & Zonen NRLite 35m
- Rain
Campbell RIM800 23m
Soil temperature
(averaging array)
Campbell TCAV -4cm 30m from tower
Soil heat flux plates (2) Hukseflux HFP01 -8cm 30m from tower
Soil water content
(time domain reflectometer)
Campbell CS615 -4cm, 50cm, 100cm and 200cm 30m from tower
Automatic weather station
- rainfall
- temperature
- wind speed
- wind direction
- Relative Humidity RH
- Solar radiation Sr


23m, situated 2m from base of flux mast
Data Loggers
- EC fluxes
Campbell CR-3000 (first year of operation used a CR-1000) 23m
PC Notebook - EC fluxes Lenovo Netbook 23m
Power Supply
- 12V DC
AC/DC converter Gel batteries 20m


Modified: 7/10/21