Monitoring Sites - Daly River Uncleared

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Measurements being made at the Daly River Pasture flux station.

Instrument Type Make Model Location
Bidirectional pyranometer / pyrgeometer Kipp and Zonen CNR4 21m
Data logger Campbell Scientific CR3000 Ground
Infra-red gas analyser Licor LI7500 23m
Net radiometer Kipp and Zonen NRlite 21m
Rain gauge Hydrological services CS702 Ground
Soil heat flux Campbell Scientific HFT3 -0.15m
Soil moisture (two replicates) Campbell Scientific CS616 -0.05, 0.50m
Solar regulator ProStar PS-30M Ground
Sonic anemometer
- wind velocities (u,v,w)
- sonic temperature
Campbell Scientific CSAT3 23m
Temperature and Relative Humidity (two replicates) Vaisala HMP-45AC 2m, 23m


Modified: 7/10/21