Monitoring Sites - Kopuatai

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The purpose of the Kopuatai eddy flux station is to:

  • Determine the current CO2 sink strength of Kopuatai peatland seasonally and annually and explore the effect of environmental variables on CO2 uptake

  • Characterize the light response of Empodisma minus (main canopy and peat forming species) and determine the influence of light quality as defined by thresholds for the diffuse fraction of incident photosynthetically active radiation (PAR)

  • Relate ecosystem phenology to the CO2 balance of the peatland

  • Determine the temporal dynamics of CH4 flux at Kopuatai and how they interact with environmental variables

  • Develop a complete carbon budget spanning multiple years including NEE of CO2, CH4 flux, and DOC export

Modified: 7/10/21