Monitoring Sites - Otway

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Measurements that were made at Otway, Victoria, Australia.
Canopy height was ~0.1m.

Instrument Type Make Model Situation
IRGA Open path
- density CO2, H2O
- atmospheric pressure
LI-COR LI-7500 4.5m
3D sonic anemometer
- wind velocities (u,v,w)
- sonic temperature
Gill HS-3 4.5m
2D sonic anemometer x2
- wind velocities (u,v)
Gill WindSonic 0.3m located 1m from tower, 9.3m
Air temperature, Humidity x2
- T, Rh
Vaisala HMP-45C 0.2m located 1m from tower, 8.8m
Pyrgeometer Radiation
- Pyg
Kipp & Zonen CNR1 9m
Pyrgeometer Radiation
- Pyr
Kipp & Zonen CNR1 9m
Soil temperature x2
(averaging array)
Campbell TCAV -0.1m located
1m from tower
Soil water content x 2
(time domain reflectometer)
Campbell CS616 -0.1m located
1m from tower
Rainfall Hydrological Services TB3100 0.3m, located 1m
from base of tower
Data Loggers
- weather & soil
Campbell CR23X 0m
PC - EC fluxes Advantech ARK-8211 0m, located 250m from base of tower
Power Supply
- 24V DC EC flux station
- mains
Generic 0m, located 250m from base of tower


Modified: 7/10/21