Monitoring Sites - Warra

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Measurements being made at Dry River.

Instrument Type Make Model Situation
Open path CO2, H2O Campbell Scientific EC150 81m
3D Sonic anemometer Campbell Scientific CSAT3G 81m
Air temperature / relative humidity Vaisala HMP155A 80m
Net radiometer Kipp and Zonen CNR4 81m
Wind speed and direction Gill Windsonic4-L 2D sonic 81m
Precipitation Rimco RIM-8000 80m
Soil Heat Flux plate (3 replicates) Huskeflux HFP-01 -0.02m each
Soil temperature averaging probe
(3 replicates)
Campbell Scientific TCAV -0.02m each
Soil temperature thermistor Campbell Scientific CS107 -0.10, -0.20, -0.40,
-0.80, -1.80m
Soil water content reflectometers
(4x4 depths)
Campbell Scientific CS616 -0.10 (x4)
-0.20 (x2)
-0.40 (x4)
-0.80 (x2)
Power supply Sealed lead-acid batteries (12V 1050Ah) with 240V chargers linked to petrol generator (Yamaha)    
Modified: 7/10/21