Monitoring Sites - Whroo

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Instrument Type Make Model Situation
Bidirectional pyranometer / pyrgiometer Kipp and Zonen CNR4 36m
Combination cup anemometer / wind vane
(6 replicates)
RM Young 03002 1m, 2m, 4m, 8m, 16m, 32m
Infra-red gas analyser LiCOR LI-7500 36m
Quantum sensor Apogee SQ-110  
Soil heat flux plate
(4 replicates)
Hukseflux HFP01 -0.08m
Soil temperature probe
(4 replicates)
Campbell Scientific TCAV All at -0.08m
Solar regulator Prostar PS-30M  
3D Sonic anemometer Campbell Scientific CSAT3 36m
Temperature and Relative Humidity sensor
(6 replicates)
Campbell Scientific HMP-45C 1 each at 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 & 32m
Soil Moisture Probe
(8 replicates)
Campbell Scientific CS-616 4 at -0.1m
& 1 at each of -0.2, -0.4, -0.8, -1.5m
Unidirectional sunshine pyranometer Delta SPN1 36m
Logger Campbell Scientific CR3000 1.5m
Multiplexor Campbell Scientific AM25T 1.5m
Rain gauge Hydrological Services TB3 36m
Profile gas analyser LiCOR LI-840 32m
Profile pressure line Vaisala CS105 16m
Profile air pressure Vaisala CS106 16m
Flow meter Aalborg GFM17 16m
Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) sensor Campbell Scientific Quantum LI-190 2 at 36m, one facing upward, one facing downward
4-channel light sensor Skye Instruments SKR 1850 2 at 36m, one facing upward, one facing downward
Modified: 7/10/21