Monitoring Sites - Gingin

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Measurements being made at Gingin, Western Australia.

Instrument Type Make Model Location
Open path CO2, H2O LI-Cor LI-7500 15m
3D Sonic anemometer Campbell Scientific CSAT3 15m
Air temperature Vaisala HMP45C 5m, 15m
Air relative humidity Vaisala HMP45C 5m, 15m
Net radiometer Kipp and Zonen CNR1 15m
Wind speed and direction Gill Windsonic4-L 2D sonic 15m
Precipitation Hydrological services CS701 0m x 3
Soil Heat Flux plate (2 replicates) Middleton CN3 -0.02m each of 3
Soil temperature averaging probe (2 replicates) Campbell Scientific TCAV -0.02 ± 0.05m each of 3
Soil temperature thermistor Campbell Scientific CS107 -0.10, -0.20, -0.40, -0.80, -1.80m
Soil water content reflectometers (4x4depths) Campbell Scientific CS616 -0.10 (x4),
-0.20 (x2),
-0.40 (x4),
-0.80 (x2),
 -1.6 (x4)m
Soil moisture (method 1)   COSMOS 100m south-east of tower
Soil moisture (method 2) Campbell Neutron probe Every 25cm from the surface to 12m, 3 holes
Watertable Piezometer installation, In situ pressure transducer   -15m, 3 piezometers, one at site, one 400m east and west


Modified: 7/10/21