Monitoring Sites - Gingin

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Banksia woodland

Banksia woodland at the site of the tower


The tower goes up at Gingin: June, 2011

man standing with arms outstretched

Grant the human protractor, measuring exactly 120° between guy wires.


Men looking at a hole

…  “The hole’s the wrong bloody shape”


coffee rock coffee rock

We struck "coffee rock" – iron cemented sand – at 1.20m in one of the three guy wire holes. Hard on top, softer underneath, about 50cm thick, roots do penetrate.


man in hole

Guy wire anchor.


man in a chair holding umbrella

Somebody has to be in charge.



chair in woodland hole

We can deal with them.


men with theodolite

Plus or minus 2° from vertical


man attaching tower section

The first section


man attaching tower section

The second section


man attaching tower section

The last section


tower fully up

And she’s up


Modified: 7/10/21