Monitoring Sites - Wombat

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Site Description

The Wombat Forest research site is located in the Wombat State Forest, Victoria, South Eastern Australia (GPS coordinates: -37.4222, 144.0944; elevation: 713m).

The site is a secondary re-growth forest that was last harvested in 1980. Dominant tree species are Eucalyptus obliqua (messmate stringybark), Eucalyptus radiata (narrow leaf peppermint) and Eucalyptus rubida (candlebark) with an average canopy height of 25m.

The understorey consists mainly of patchy grasses and the soil is a silty-clay overlying clay. The forest is managed by the Department of Sustainability and Environment and management includes selective harvesting and prescribed burning regimes.

The climate of the study area is classified as cool-temperate to Mediterranean zone with cold and wet winters (May-Aug) and warm and dry summers (Dec-Feb). Mean annual rainfall in the region in the last 20 years was between 600-700 mm.

Modified: 7/10/21