Monitoring Sites - Wombat

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The Wombat Forest research site facilitates the investigation of complex ecosystem processes of the carbon, water and nutrient cycle in a dry-sclerophyll forest ecosystem that is typical for many forests in Australia. This research will help to assess the impact of future environmental change on forest ecosystems in Australia. The Wombat Forest research site will:

  • Quantify the carbon sink/source strength of a dry sclerophyll forest and identify the contribution of such forests to the Australia's National Carbon Inventory

  • Quantify the emission and/or uptake of non-CO2 greenhouse gases, such as nitrous oxide and methane of the forest

  • Assess the role of climate variability and drought on ecosystem processes

  • Assess the impact of disturbances (such as fire) on ecosystem processes

  • Provide a database of microclimate and ecological parameters for use in carbon and water modelling projects.

Modified: 7/10/21